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The Taylor-Green Vortex as a Benchmark for High-Fidelity Combustion Simulations Using Low-Mach Solvers

The present web site is a complement of an article that has been accepted in Computers and Fluids in June 2021: [1].

Verification and validation are crucial steps for the development of any numerical model.

While suitable processes have been established for commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes, more difficult challenges must be faced for high-fidelity solvers.

Benchmarks have been proposed in a series of dedicated conferences for non-reacting configurations. However, to our knowledge, no suitable approach has been published up to now regarding turbulent reacting flows.

The purpose of this website is to present a full verification and validation chain for high-resolution codes employed to simulate turbulent reacting flows, first for Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of turbulent combustion in the limit of low Mach numbers.

The selected configuration builds on top of the Taylor-Green vortex. Verification takes place by comparison with the analytical solution in two dimensions. Validation of the single-component flow is ensured by comparisons with published results obtained with a spectral code. Mixing without reaction is then considered, before computing finally a hydrogen-oxygen flame interacting with a 3-D Taylor-Green vortex. Three different low-Mach DNS solvers have been used for this study, demonstrating that the final accuracy of the DNS simulations is of the order of 1% for all quantities considered.

The website is organised in four major parts:

  • A presentation of the three codes used for the Benchmark
  • The description of the test cases
  • The analysis of the results
  • An attempt to give a few guidelines on the performances that could be expected on the 3D test-cases.

All the raw results of the 3 codes are available online.