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Description of the Benchmark

This benchmark is composed of 4 major steps that should be performed carefully one after the other.

The objective of the following pages is to give a self-contained description of the benchmarks so that anyone can reproduce the results with its own high-fidelity code.

  • The Step 1 is a simple 2D configuration with a single species at Reynolds number of 1,600.
  • The Step 2 is the extension of the Step 1 to 3D. The Reynolds number is still 1,600. A transition to turbulence is expected to occur.
  • The Step 3 builds on top of the Step 2 by including multiple species with steep gradients of concentrations as well as an inhomogeneous temperature. This situation is clearly closer to a real flame but the chemical reactions must not be activated yet.
  • The Step 4 is a real flame configuration, very similar (but not identical) to Step 3 with reactions enabled.